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Specialized laboratory for test, analysis and R&D

Technology R&D and Central Laboratory (Analysis and Testing Center) was established under Kaifa in 1992. At present, there are six specialized laboratories and two engineering technology teams in the laboratory. Moreover, specialized laboratories in Shenzhen, Dongguan, Suzhou, Huizhou, Malaysia and other places have covered advanced machinery, material analysis, simulated analysis, reliability and failure analysis, cleanliness control, electrostatic control and other professional fields. Thus, this laboratory provides services for consumer electronics terminal products, memory storage products, semiconductor chips, medical devices, intelligent metering and other industries.

Test and analysis technology

This laboratory focuses on material testing and analysis, SMT defect diagnosis and solutions, controlling data collection and analysis during the production, innovation and improvement of manufacturing technology, testing and evaluation for product reliability. It is top-level in ESD electrostatic control, overall solution of micro-dirt control and clean production, mechanical vibration and resonance test analysis, stress-strain test analysis, SMT defect diagnosis and other sectors among the industry.

Perfect capacities in detection and analysis

With experience in failure analysis, analysis for the processing technology of electronic products, electrical performance detection analysis, material detection analysis, mechanical and physical analysis, reliability analysis and other fields, a team of experienced experts in testing analysis and technology solutions can provide one-stop services for testing, evaluation and improvement plans.

System-level Failure Analysis Technology

The strong failure analysis team can analyze the failure mechanism of weak links in deep-level and multiple dimensions. The team can provide customers with a complete set of failure analysis services at the system level, PCBA welding interconnection level and component level, the physical process of which include machinery, electronics, thermal, materials and chemistry.

  • Integrated and advanced analysis equipment
  • Rich analysis experience in various products and multiple failure models
  • Fast and efficient response
  • Engineering technicians with multi-disciplinary background
Analysis for the processing technology of electronic products

The laboratory provides appearance inspection, X-Ray + CT detection, C-SAM, solder joint slicing and other detection services and carries out inspection on the quality of the whole processing technology from raw materials to PCBA.

Electrical performance detection analysis

The laboratory inspects signal integrity/electrical performance parameters of components through specialized equipment.

Material testing and analysis

The laboratory focuses on various testing and analysis of electronic product materials, including performance analysis of high polymer materials, metal materials and energy storage materials, composition analysis, surface morphology and element analysis , toxic and harmful substances analysis, etc.

Mechanical and physical analysis

With accumulated experience in vibration mode identification and dynamic analysis of electronic products, the laboratory provides technical support for vibration feature identification of micro electromechanical products, resonance analysis of hard disk products, material strength test, residual stress test of medical components, CAE simulated analysis, vibration monitoring of production line workshop and others, and focuses on material mechanical characteristic test and evaluation, stress/strain analysis.

Reliability analysis

In terms of quality and reliability of electronic products, electronic materials and components, the laboratory has perfect detection, analytical and experimental capabilities, and can provide specialized services in product reliability analysis, formulation of reliability experiment scheme, experiment execution, test failure analysis, improvement suggestions, etc.

Advanced technology and equipment

Automatic high-precision measuring system enables rapid customization and development of in-line structural dimensional testing equipment.

  • Design of multi-axis electric automatic control system
  • Micron-level precision automatic optical positioning technology
Mature image recognition technology

With mature image recognition technology, we provide the core technology modules needed for the development of product testing and inspection technology or test equipment.

  • Barcode/label quality detection technology
  • Video pattern quality detection technology
  • PCBA component optical detection technology
  • X-Ray
  • AOI
  • SPI
Test Development
  • Flying Probe
  • DFT
  • FCT
  • ICT
  • Wireless Test
  • Boundary Scan
  • Optical Inspection
  • RF Test