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Experience, efficient and high-quality service

We assist our clients in achieving a series of services including realizing visions and launching products by providing our specialized engineering, technology, and manufacturing experience during the NPI process. Our relevant extensive experience covers design, analog simulation, product verification, mass production, logistics operation, etc.

New products introduction (NPI)

Kaifa adopts a seven-step process to meet customer requirements:

Concept: Develop a conceptual design and manufacturing plan and organize supply chain needs.

Design: Solidify details of design and manufacturing, solicit quotes from supply chain.

Prototype: Complete prototype “A” integration testing, qualify suppliers and set up a prototype manufacturing line.

Verify: Complete prototype “B” compliance testing, facilitate supplier agreements and install manufacturing equipment.

Pilot Run: Develop pilot units and establish the manufacturing processes.

Qualify: Procure materials, manufacture first production units and implement quality manufacturing processes.

Mass production: Ramp to mass production, implement continual improvements and fulfillment services.

DFA (Design for Assembly)

Consider the convenience of assembly and manufacturing during product design to make suggestions and to simplify the assembly of components, shorten the time required for assembly, and reduce assembly costs.

  • Analysis of design simplification
  • Analysis of reasonable components distribution
  • Analysis of product robustness
  • Analysis of component structure
  • Analysis of assembly process rationality

Analyzing risks from process, design, materials, environment and testing, and making suggestions to ensure effective production.

  • Analysis of PCB board design
  • Analysis of assembly
  • Analysis of panel
  • Analysis of micropore
  • Analysis of structural design
DFR (Design for Reliability)

In order to eliminate the potential defects and weaknesses of the product, we can establish the reliability model, perform reliability analysis and reliability verification and evaluation, and optimize design, thus reducing the risks of the product.

  • Product reliability design and verification
  • Analysis and evaluation on the reliability of PCBA process
  • Design and rectification of EMC
DFT (Design for Test)

Improving product quality and reducing test costs through standard test methods.

  • ICT, FCT, Flying Probe test method
  • AOI, X-ray test method
R&D experience, international expert team

Kaifa owns four R&D Centers (Shenzhen, Dongguan,Chengdu and Japan) with rich product development experience for more than 15 years.  We can provide services from conceptual design to mass production, including system architecture design, hardware design, software design, structural design and test development.

System Architecture Design
  • REACT web frontend
  • Core location algorithm
  • Database
  • Web backend design
Hardware Design
  • RF circuit design
  • Embedded platform design
  • PCB layout
  • Reliability
Software Design
  • Application software
  • Embedded software
  • Android/iOS App
Structural Design
  • ID Design
  • Mechanical design
  • Simulation of structures' mechanics
  • Packaging
  • Thermal simulation
  • Fluid simulation
  • EMC improvement
Computer-aided engineering or design (CAE/CAD)

We provide the design technology support for CAE/CAD,whose support and services include but are not limited to welding/soldering head design, simulation analysis for soldering process, structural simulation analysis, dynamic analysis of mechanical parts, thermal design and simulation, static magnetic field simulation analysis and design, fluid simulation and analysis, mold flow simulation and analysis, multi-physics simulation and analysis etc.