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Supply chain management

Kaifa offers alternative device selection, supplier development, cost reduction and order fulfillment. Kaifa supports global logistics, import and export services to achieve high customer satisfaction. With our outstanding supply chain management, we pursue our “zero-risk procurement strategy” to improve the overseas ordering cycle while listening to customers for a quick response and timely delivery. Through this supply chain, our customers receive more efficient component purchases and product deliveries.

Global sourcing

We take pride in our powerful intelligence collection for procurement activities at home and abroad, sophisticated ability to manage supplier information, and strong ability to balance procurement resources. Supported by our enterprise resource planning (ERP) system and our PLM platform, our capabilities ensure constant procurement in a systematic and efficient environment.

  • Complete procurement/qualification process
  • Supplier audits and risk analysis
  • Structural parts, electronic materials, equipment and accessories procurement
Global logistics

AEO certified by China customs enjoys trade protection in many countries around the worldwide.

We are the AEO enterprise certified by the General Administration of Customs of China, with the efficient customs clearance capabilities in overseas markets. We can transport the goods in China by transferring them among factories, keep goods circulating well inside and outside the region, and easily handle the sales in China and customs affairs to guarantee the timely delivery of the products to customers.

  • Global logistics management team
  • Supporting global factory logistics system to support global business development
  • Global intelligent logistics management platform, from raw materials import to the client’s warehouse inventory management