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With more than 30 years of manufacturing experience, we provide comprehensive solutions to support the world's leading data storage market.
In 2004, we started to provide customers with one-stop services for IC packaging, testing, modules and distribution of various high-end memory chips (DRAM, NAND FLASH).

Our services
  • High density of die stack

    • 8X die stack mass production of high-yield

    • 16X die stack capability

    • Stealth Dicing Before Grinding (SDBG) technology

  • System in Package (SiP) technology

    • With SiP manufacturing and production experience, we can independently complete SiP packaging design and provide customers with full turnkey services.

    • Provide a complete test program development and program conversion.

    • Provide correlation analysis of standard engineering samples according to customer requirements.

    • Conduct electronic failure mode analysis (EFA) on abnormal batches and physical failure mode analysis (PFA) to determine the failure mode.

    • Our automation system can prevent human errors to the greatest extent and improve production efficiency.

    • Provide DRAM validation service.

  • Magnetic heads

    • Mainly produce a series of products from GMR to SMR magnetic heads.

  • Hard disk PCBA

    • Provide customers with PCBA manufacturing services for hard disk drive PCBA and other data storage device businesses.

  • Aluminum substrate

    • Manufacturing services for high-precision aluminum substrate products of different sizes.

Our Strengths
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