Kaifa focuses on the physical and mental well-being of its employees, organizing a diverse range of cultural and recreational activities oriented towards their needs and aligned with the multi-cultural nature of the company to foster a "family culture." These activities, categorized into five main types - regular, traditional, innovative, skill-building, and festival/holiday - are designed to comprehensively cater to the diverse interests and needs of Kaifa's employees across the entire year.

Sports Competitions

We establish employee-managed badminton, table tennis, and basketball clubs, organizing regular sports competitions. This initiative aims to cultivate a healthy and positive corporate culture, foster internal communication, and strengthen team cohesion.

Photography and Art Exhibitions

Every year, we organize an annual employee competition for calligraphy, painting, and photography. It highlights Kaifa's achievements, transformation, and the commitment of our employees in driving progress during this new era.

Yoga and Dance Training

We consistently engage exceptional teachers to offer a wide range of interest classes within Kaifa throughout the year. Furthermore, we provide regular training programs for employees' children, ensuring that our employees truly experience the caring and familial atmosphere of Kaifa.

Health Lectures

We organize health knowledge lectures with themes centered around employee well-being, covering topics such as dietary nutrition and disease prevention. We invite specialized professors from medical universities and hospital directors to educate our employees on health knowledge, guiding them to cultivate scientific, proper, and balanced dietary habits.

The growth of a company is inseparable from the support of society. Kaifa has always been proactive in responding to national strategic needs by leveraging its business advantages and contributing to areas of social value. It actively engages in and supports initiatives related to rural revitalization, agricultural assistance, environmental protection, community welfare, and volunteer activities. By continuously focusing on and participating in social welfare endeavors, Kaifa upholds its corporate values of serving society.
Empowering Rural Revitalization
Kaifa actively responds to the national call for rural revitalization, and for many years has been supporting rural revitalization through means such as donating funds, assisting in the sales of agricultural products, and promoting sustainability in the supported regions.We have donated RMB 1.2 million to support rural revitalization. Additionally, through consumer assistance, we have purchased agricultural and rural products with a total value of approximately RMB 288,000 from targeted assistance counties, including Songtao County in Guizhou, Langzhong City in Sichuan, and Zhen'an County in Shaanxi. This initiative aims to stimulate economic development in the assisted regions.
Engaging in Community Welfare
Kaifa actively participates in community activities, closely integrating its own development with the prosperity of the local community. Kaifa also maintains long-term, close cooperation with various social groups. As Kaifa grows its business, it takes concrete actions to contribute to and promote the harmonious development of the community. In 2023, Kaifa organized multiple blood donation drives in collaboration with the local blood center, cumulatively collecting 31,200 ml of donated blood. Kaifa also made material donations to support the local community. Additionally, Kaifa provided rest and resupply stations for delivery workers and food delivery personnel, stocking the stations with water and emergency supplies.
Caring for Vulnerable Groups
For a long time, we have upheld the belief that we must pay extra attention, care, and concern to marginalized populations. We have consistently focused on the well-being and development of vulnerable groups and have supported them through a diverse range of organized activities, such as the Charity Run for Autism Children's Care, the Charity Project for Thalassemia Children, Visiting a Center for the Disabled and Intellectually Challenged and Visiting a Nursing Home. With love, we give back to society and convey genuine compassion through a sense of responsibility.
In response to the national call for the construction of an ecological civilization, we actively and responsibly embrace our role in environmental protection. Throughout the reporting period, we have integrated the principles of green and low-carbon practices into every aspect of Kaifa's operations. We continuously enhance our environmental management system, actively explore the development path of green and intelligent factories, and strive to improve our environmental performance. Moreover, we consistently implement the concept of green and low-carbon practices in our day-to-day operations. Our objective is to establish an environmentally friendly, clean, and innovative enterprise, contributing to China's efforts in achieving the goals of carbon peak and carbon neutrality.
Advocating Environmental Protection
We are committed to sustainability and the continuous promotion of ecological civilization. Kaifa actively organizes diverse environmental protection initiatives, such as tree planting campaigns, Earth Hour, energy conservation and emission reduction conferences, and more. These activities align with the fundamental national policies and principles of resource conservation and environmental protection. We aim to instill in all employees a sense of awareness and action towards water and energy conservation, as well as promoting green production and operations. By enhancing employees' environmental consciousness, we encourage everyone to start from small actions in their daily lives, collectively safeguarding the environment and making contributions to preserving a healthy ecological environment.
Implement green training
Kaifa actively responded to the call of the National Energy Conservation Awareness Week and Low Carbon Day. During this year's National Energy Conservation Awareness Week (May 13-17) and National Low Carbon Day (May 15), we successfully completed the greenhouse gas awareness training and ISO14064-1 standard greenhouse gas internal auditor training courses. These measures not only significantly enhance employees' awareness of energy conservation and carbon reduction, but also enhance the company's ability to respond to the challenges of climate change, laying a solid foundation for building a green, low-carbon, and sustainable future development.
Smart Energy Management System
Our Smart Energy Management System offers a comprehensive suite of features, including energy analysis, maintenance information management, fault alarm records, and energy-saving recommendations. Utilizing visualized, intelligent, and digital approaches, the system effectively reduces unnecessary energy consumption, identifies and addresses energy waste, improves operational efficiency, and enhances overall energy utilization.
Create a gender-equal work environment, empowering female employees to leverage their strengths and contribute to team management and technological innovation. Address challenges they may face, provide necessary support, implement equal pay, and enforce policies such as paid marriage leave, maternity leave, breastfeeding breaks. Offer additional benefits such as free gynecological examinations, dedicated spaces for working mothers, and organize activities to reduce work stress and enhance work-life balance.
Salute to the shining "her"
They silently strive and persevere, creating extraordinary things in the ordinary, surpassing themselves in challenges, and writing shining women's strength for the development of Kaifa. Let us approach them, understand their shining achievements, and remember their shining names.
Nursing Rooms

Kaifa provides private, hygienic, comfortable, and safe rest areas for female employees in the pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, and lactation periods. Nursing rooms are set up in the headquarters and subsidiary companies to provide warm and comfortable services for female employees.

Activities for Women's Care

Every year on International Women's Day, we organize themed activities such as 'Makeup, Floral Arrangement, and Handicraft Salons' to celebrate the occasion. We invite professional instructors to provide on-site guidance, ensuring that every female employee feels the company's warm care and support.