To be a reliable and respectable enterprise, committed to a sustainable and prosperous future.

As a global high-end manufacturing company, we prioritize green and sustainability. We provide exceptional products and services to our customers while integrating environmental protection, social responsibility, and green practices into our operations and culture. Through practical actions, we strive to fulfill Kaifa's sustainability vision of becoming a reliable and respectable enterprise, committed to a sustainable and prosperous future.

Sustainability Strategy
Sustainability Goals
  • 100% Green Factory Compliance
  • Kaifa's Commitment to Net Zero Emissions
Governance Structure

We have defined the responsibilities and authorities for decision-making, execution, supervision, and other aspects.

A corporate governance structure has been formed with scientific division of labor, responsibilities, and effective checks and balances among power institutions, decision-making institutions, operating institutions, and supervisory institutions.

Shareholders' Meeting
The Shareholders' Meeting is the highest authority, responsible for important decisions related to Kaifa's policies, financing, investments, and profit distribution.

Board of Directors
Kaifa's Board of Directors plays an important role in formulating, approving, and revising Kaifa's mission, vision, values, strategies, policies, and sustainability goals. Operating within legal boundaries, the board exercises decision-making authority and diligently evaluates the professionalism and effectiveness of each director.
  • Strategy Committee
  • Nomination Committee
  • Audit Committee
  • Remuneration and Assessment Committee
Supervisory Board
The Supervisory Board oversees Kaifa's operations, financial status, and management activities of the board of directors, senior executives, and management team. It ensures compliance with laws, regulations, supervisory rules, and Kaifa's articles of association. Its responsibility includes protecting the rights and interests of shareholders, employees, and Kaifa.
Management Team
The senior executives (Management Team) at Kaifa are accountable for organizing and implementing board resolutions, overseeing daily operations, and managing internal control activities.