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Advanced automation equipment, intelligent manufacturing platform

With production and manufacturing experience in the field of automation, Kaifa has automatic production equipment with high-quality, high-efficiency and high-tech levels, as well as fully automated SMT production line in the posterior section.Our professional automation design and management teams can provide professional solutions on automation production according to customer needs.

  • Non-standard automation equipment
    • Swaging
    • Laser carving
    • Dispensing
    • Welding
    • Label application
    • Logo detection
    • OCR
  • Auto assembly line
  • Auto testing line
  • Automatic aging test line
  • Auto packing line
  • Silk-screen, reflow, wave soldering carrier
  • Test fixture
  • Precision assembly fixture
  • Precision air tightness test fixture
Self-designed MES system

The MES system independently developed by Kaifa can realize the integration of production equipment, testing equipment, data acquisition system, visual management system and other systems and devices on the manufacturing site. The feedback information on the site such as material management, inventory checking and abnormal reminding can be given into the system in a real-time manner, providing customers with a series of services such as resource integration and traceability.

Intelligent MES
  • Intelligent manufacturing execution control
  • Intelligent manufacturing logistics system
  • Intelligent production control center
  • Highly flexible automated production line
Intelligent MES Analysis
  • Intelligent reporting system
  • Intelligent Andon control
  • Intelligent data analysis system
  • Intelligent information push
Advanced PCBA assembly solutions

Kaifa is committed to EMS industry for more than 30 years. Thus, we have plenty of experience in electronics manufacturing and master advanced PCBA & assembly technology of complete machine. With the professional engineering team, first-class equipment, and exquisite craftsmanship, Kaifa can provide the complete electronic product manufacturing services from design, engineering manufacturing, testing to supply chain management, capable of efficiently and quickly delivering the products with high reliability and quality.

PCBA engineering capabilities
  • In order to meet customer requirements, we can provide PCBA manufacturing solutions with smaller packages, different sizes, and complex structures.
  • Precision mounting: 08004~01005 micro devices, fine pitch BGA, Flipchip etc.
  • Complex assembly: PoP, BoB, SIP, etc.
  • Production and maintenance of large substrates
  • Various glues and coating capabilities: Underfill, conformal coating, Potting, etc.
  • Full process testing: SPI,AOI, X-Ray, ICT, FCT, etc.
  • Fully automatic PCBA production line
  • Full process quality control and traceability system
Manufacturing environment control technology

Kaifa R&D center and engineering team of manufacturing environment technology have accumulated plenty of experience in ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) control technology, stress and strain control technology, clean production technology and sterilized production technology, and can provide comprehensive solutions according to product characteristics and technical requirements.

ESD control technology

ESD affects the productivity, quality and reliability of electronic products, and is regarded as the biggest risk in the electronic manufacturing industry. With patented technologies, we can provide professional technical support and services for ESD system construction and intelligent ESD protection system and products.

Stress and strain control technology

Stress and strain control technology is mainly used to monitor and control the mechanical damage or micro damage that cannot be detected in the manufacturing process. Kaifa can provide engineering services such as relevant standard formulation, testing module development, stress control and investigation.

Clean production technology

Kaifa has accumulated nearly 30 years of experience in the field of clean room technology, and is also the maker of multiple technical standards in this field. It has a number of patented technologies, and can provide one-stop services such as comprehensive design, optimization scheme and test evaluation of clean room.

  • Clean room design, cleanliness approval and cleanliness optimization evaluation
  • Clean clothing fabric & style selection evaluation, responsible for cleaning equipment & cleaning process design evaluation, product & tooling micro particle pollutants control
  • Identification and control of organic or inorganic contamination
Sterilized production technology

We can provide technical scheme of aseptic control system for medical device production.

  • CFDA, FDA certification
  • Design, evaluation and qualification of sterility workshop
  • Formulation and validation of sterilization process, sterility testing and monitoring of production environment and products
Soldering technology

It has complete PCBA level and whole machine level assembly and manufacturing capabilities, as well as mature technical solutions in the following special soldering applications:

Low temperature soldering technology: it provides a solution for the soldering and assembly of thermal sensitive components, fingerprint modules, LED and components prone to thermal warpage.

Local area reflow soldering technology: It has been widely used in hard disk components because of its high speed and reliability.

Cleaning technology

The Industry-leading precision cleaning technology (DI water cleaning technology, solvent and ultrasonic cleaning technology, etc.) can provide precise cleaning process and technical solution for materials, packaging and in process boxes,semi–finished or finished products. Kaifa is the national standard maker for cleanliness of hard disk head products.

Conformal coating technology

Total solution can be provided in the field of conformal coating process: material selection evaluation, performance certification, technical requirements formulation, process selection, bubble & scatter & overflow and other process technical issues solution, rework process development and other whole process solutions, to ensure the high reliability requirement of products.