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Establish Benchmarks to Stimulate Vitality and Promote Development

Release Time:2021-04-19

To encourage excellent performance and promote such achievements, we hereby announce the results of the annual Excellence Awards. Here are the five outstanding employee representatives who have been honored in the Class II Excellence Awards.

Class II Excellence Awards

Shi Chulang

Efficiency enhancement

Comprehensive Business Department of Suzhou Kaifa

Shi Chulang is the pioneer of Suzhou Kaifa Technology Co., Ltd., known for having solved the employment difficulty of DSBU3 through human-resource bidding during the epidemic. He led the Comprehensive Business Department to conduct business integration and help the department turn losses into gains by meeting and beating the company's set objective.

Cai Bo

Efficiency enhancement

Data Storage Business Unit of Kaifa Precision

Cai Bo led the team in a valiant effort to complete the scheduled delivery of disk substrate, hard-disk PCBA (Printed Circuit Board Assembly) and head stack by overcoming the severe impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, helping stabilize the global hard-disk supply chain and, in the process, achieving a year-on-year increase in the business unit's economic indicators.

Liu Lianhong

Efficiency enhancement

Commercial and Industrial Product Business Unit of Dongguan Kaifa

Liu Lianhong used a quality-management method of attaching equal importance to system construction and on-site management, built a dedicated KWS work platform, enhanced several management systems, and implemented high standards on site as the means to ensure greater satisfaction among customers. Additionally, she was responsible for the forward progress of automotive electronics in China by strengthening on-site detail management and establishing a dedicated quality-improvement team. She even invited TUV to implement the "QSB+" management method on site, lowering the DPPM (Defective Parts per Million) product statistic and removing the "compulsory quality improvement" restriction. Thanks to her team's consistent effort, new orders were received and profitability in the automotive electronics segment was ensured.

Peng Yang

Business support

Shenzhen Headquarters

Peng Yang, through the implementation of fiscally sound tax planning, helped the company obtain significant benefits. Due to the high efficiency of work practices, the Finance Department was selected by the group as an advanced unit in the final accounting, financial statements and capital concentration of 2019. Additionally, through strict cost-control initiatives he helped the Huizhou subsidiary reduce annual expenses by at least 10%. He was also diligent in the pursuit of various government subsidies.

Tu Guoqiu

Business support

Huizhou Kaifa

Tu Guoqiu, upon the outbreak of the epidemic, quickly responded to the decisions of the Leadership Group for Epidemic Prevention and Control. Based in Shenzhen, he coordinated the epidemic prevention and control efforts of all branches in China and elsewhere, resulting in a statistic of zero confirmed case for the year despite the company's workforce of more than 30,000. He dared to innovate in the area of safety management by updating and standardizing the company's system so as to ensure more thorough safety management throughout every section and department.