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Kaifa Precision Overfulfills Its Plan of Recycling Bottom Covers of Packing Boxes

Release Time:2021-08-17

Despite the impact of the new pandemic wave, Kaifa Precision has performed well in 2021, thanks to the dedication of all employees to production and cost reduction. The Data Storage Business Unit of the company achieves an average daily output of 380,000 pieces and maintains a growth momentum this year.

To ensure timely delivery of products, Kaifa Precision purchased 50,000 packing boxes and matching top covers for the 97 series products in June. As bottom covers of 95 series and 97 series packing boxes are interchangeable, Kaifa Precision decided to reuse bottom covers of 95 series packing boxes to minimize the cost of materials. To mitigate the shortage of workers on the production line and reduce the labor cost, the company encouraged the management team to help remove bottom covers from packing boxes in the break time.

Since June 22, a volunteer team led by Zeng Wei, General Manager of Kaifa Precision, and Cai Po,General Manager of the Data Storage Business Unit, took the task of removing bottom covers from 95 series packing boxes in the next five days. A total of 131 person-times were invested in this task, including managers of the factory, business unit, and functional departments, and technical personnel. In the stuffy warehouse with insufficient working space, the volunteers managed to overfulfill the work plan. In a total of 218 hours, they removed 61,560 bottom covers from 95 series packing boxes, saving about 260,000 yuan of cost.

The success of this volunteer team demonstrates the concerted efforts of Kaifa Precision employees to guarantee production and product quality. In the future, all employees and the management team will continue to cooperate closely with efforts to make greater achievements and promote development for the company.