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Kaifa Chongqing Achieves Recognition as a Certified Healthy Enterprise

Release Time:2023-12-06

Recently, KFCQ (Kaifa Chongqing technology Ltd. Co.) successfully met the standards of the Chongqing Healthy Enterprise Evaluation, distinguishing itself as the first entity in the Yubei District to gain this recognition for the current year.

The establishment of a healthy enterprise represents a multifaceted initiative, embodying the practice of the New Development Concept. Under the guidance of the Healthy China strategy, it emphasizes the development of a people-centered working and living environment, aiming to propel the high-quality development of the company.

Commencing in March of this year, KFCQ has meticulously undertaken initiatives strictly adhering to the municipal standards and requirements. So far, KFCQ has achieved certification in both the environmental management system and the occupational health and safety management system. The operational practices at KFCQ have been significantly enhanced through the following measures:

ü  Comprehensive implementation of the 6S lean management system within the organization.

ü  Active contribution to the development of the Kaifa ESG report. This involved a systematic review and the standardization of relevant regulations, alongside the revision and addition of over 50 management documents.

ü  Increased investments directed towards the enhancement of environmental and production infrastructure.

ü  Elevation of standards pertaining to safety in production, underpinning the commitment to a safer workplace.


During the evaluation, a panel of experts performed a comprehensive review of the company's premises, which entailed listening to presentations, scrutinizing documents, executing on-site inspections, and engaging in dialogues. Each element was meticulously evaluated. KFCQ successfully cleared the evaluation with high marks.