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Quality system planning

Kaifa pursues excellence in production and operation. We earnestly believe that it is quality that makes our clients satisfied, and it is only through a true understanding of customer needs and desires can high-quality be achieved. We have formulated detailed quality management system for operation management which takes identifying customer needs and meeting customer demands as its starting point. It then utilizes the work system, high-quality concepts and an IT platform to ensure the standardization and efficiency of the entire process. Scientific working methods are also added to this mix to guarantee that the process produces outstanding results.

Quality control activities

Quality is designed and manufactured. We use systematic and structured methods that are built on the foundations of systems and standards for ensuring quality to continuously innovate our production, management and technology and to improve systematic management and control throughout our production and operation.

Quality assurance

Since 1994, the company has introduced various international management system standards, through the establishment of various guidelines, its clear objectives and process optimization, to guide and standardize relevant business activities, and to systematically ensure the excellent quality of enterprise management.

Continuous improvement

In 2002, Kaifa adopted Lean Six Sigma. Today this methodology has become a symbol of our constant drive to improve. With our constant improvement comes new knowledge and ideas. Lean Six Sigma represents our core corporate culture, which started from the execution of an initial project, extended to the building of a Lean Six Sigma team, infiltrated our management system, and eventually was integrated into our strategic management. Evolution of the Lean Six Sigma philosophy fuels our constant improvement.