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In preparation for the advent of Industry 4.0, we have been intensively integrating our information, manufacturing, and automation technologies to build an intelligent manufacturing facility. This facility will operate as an online platform for intelligent devices under a flexible and service-based business model and utilizing digitized and intelligence-based production processes.
  • Intelligent information system

    Intelligent manufacturing information solution in electronic manufacturing industry;MES and equipment and upper layer system more in-depth vertical integration;intelligent and efficient data analysis;Learning business system.
  • Intelligent factory logistics

    electronic manufacturing industry factory logistics intelligent distribution solutions.intelligent line storage + Intelligent Scheduling System + Intelligent AGV transport.
  • High flexibility automatic production line

    automatic, flexible, intelligent terminal production line solution.intelligent operation instructions, data transmission and acquisition. automatic control and drive device PLC, human-computer interaction.Various equipment, equipment, logistics and instruments on the spot.

Intelligent manufacturing services

Kaifa’s Suzhou facility provides our customers with warehouse management services, significantly facilitating customer storage and transportation while reducing logistics costs

Warehouse management services

  • Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) certified by the General Administration of Customs of the People’s Republic of China

    Known as the “green pass” of global trade, this certification not only streamlines the customs clearance process in Mainland China but also facilitates customs clearance and trade activities in more than 30 countries and regions that recognize AEO certification with China, including EU members, South Korea, and Singapore. At the same time, it grants access to priority applications for tax rebates with taxation authorities, increases in credit limits with financial institutions, and other preferential treatments.

  • Shenzhen Customs District’s recognized enterprise under the “customer coordinator system
    The principal aim of the customer coordinator system is to provide added convenience to upstanding enterprises. Large enterprises with good credit ratings can benefit from lessened regulations to ensure convenient and hastened customs clearance services. This specialized administration model centered on integrity-based customs clearance will facilitate the growth of these enterprises. To become an enterprise recognized under the “customer coordinator system”, an enterprise must reach a certain operating scale, operate its business in strict compliance with the law, and implement management standards meeting customs administration requirements.
  • "A"-level credit enterprise of China Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine
    The State Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine actively supports A-level credit enterprises by providing incentives for inspection and quarantine such as priority access to certain inspection and quarantine measures. These measures include Class-1 management, the Green Pass, and expedited release.
  • China Import and Export Quality and Credit Enterprises
    Enterprises receiving this honor enjoy priority access to technical and consultation services from inspection and quarantine experts as well as membership services from the China Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Association.

Fast logistics and customs clearance services

Complaint acknowledgment
Case managers handle customer complaints (whether oral, e-mail, or a formal report) by acknowledging receipt of a complaint within one (1) business day. For formal customer complaints to be processed, the customer complaint, upon registration on the Quality Issue Tracking System (QITS), is submitted to the responsible case manager and prioritized with expedited handling. If the customer has a special system or requirements, the complaint can be recorded on the customer's system or processed at its request.
Case handling and closure

Following receipt of a complaint, case managers mobilize related personnel to identify the cause through analysis, determine corrective and preventive measures, implement improvement measures, and provide improvement results. If a complaint is related to work in progress or shipped products, immediate containment measures are implemented to minimize any adverse impact within four (4) hours.

Case managers follow up with customer complaints in a timely manner. Upon request and wherever appropriate, initial analysis results and detailed plans to resolve the issue are provided to the customer. Once improvement measures are completed, case managers confirm the improvement measures and standardization status.

Case managers will timely confirm improvement results, and confirmation will be issued within four (4) weeks. By customer special request, or in the event of unusual complaints, complaint handling will be subject to special requirements.

Once improvement measures and results are confirmed, case managers will send measures and results to the customer for approval. Results will be recorded in the customer’s file and the complaint case will be closed after customer approval. In the event that a customer disapproves of suggested improvement measures and/or results, case managers will re-register the customer complaint under the QITS as a new customer complaint.