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Kaifa R&D and Central Lab (Analysis and Testing Center) was established in 1992 and successfully obtained CNAS qualification in 2003. In addition to the laboratory in Shenzhen, we have opened additional laboratories in our branches in Dongguan, Suzhou, Huizhou, Malaysia. We provide services for consumer electronics terminal products, data storage devices, semiconductor chips, medical devices, smart metering products , etc. We have capabilities that span the four major fields of general testing services, engineering services, management systems and technology R&D. 21% of our employees have a doctorate or masters’ degree, 29% are undergraduates, and various testing employees account for the other 50%.

analysis and R&D

3D BGA Microscope Testing
X-Ray Testing
C-SAM Testing
Solder Joint Cross section Analysis
Covers the four major fields of electronic product manufacturing process analysis:electrical performance testing analysis, material testing analysis, physical machine analysis, and reliability analysis.

01. Electronic product manufacturing product analysis
Provide testing services that include visual inspection, X-Ray and CT testing, C-SAM, solder joint cross section, etc., inspect quality throughout the entire process starting from raw materials and going on to PCBA.
Electricalperformance testing
02. Electrical performance testing analysis
Check signal integrity / component electrical performance parameters with professional equipment.
FIB& Micro-circuit Analysis
Organic Volatile Species, Content Detection and Data Analysis
FTIR Testing Analysis
Ion Concentration Testing
03. Material testing analysis
Focus on various types of tests and analysis of electronic product materials, including performance analysis, composition analysis, surface morphology and element analysis for polymer materials, metal materials, energy storage materials, and testing for toxic and harmful substances in materials.
Online strain gaugetesting
Universal Material Tester
04. Physical machine analysis
Focus on the mechanical characteristics of the material testing and evaluation, strain gauge analysis.
EMC test
Temperature&Humidity Test Chamber(Step-in)
Thermal Shock Test Chamber
Ion Concentration Testing
05. Reliability analysis
Provide reliability testing for the four major areas of electromagnetic compatibility, environment, safety regulations and durability to assess the reliability of various different types of products.

General testing services

We provide product-based customized engineering technical support and services that include CAE simulation and verification, reliability engineering, product certification support, manufacturing environment control technology, process evaluation and optimization, material evaluation, and failure analysis.

Engineering services

Covers the five major fields of electronic product manufacturing process analysis:electrical performance testing analysis, material testing analysis, physical machine analysis, and reliability analysis.

We have 36 years of experience in electronic product processes management and control. We have conducted process environment system architecture in accordance with ANSI / ESD S20.20, ISO14644, IPC9704 and other authoritative industry authoritative systems and standards. Adhering to PDCA management philosophy, it implements comprehensive management and control and uses smart systems and big data analysis methods to make up for the shortcomings of traditional ESD management and control systems to provide better protection for product quality.
Static magnetic field analysis
Welding process simulation analysis
Mold flow simulation analysis
Weld head design

Technology R&D

We provide technical support JDM and R&D for chip-level, PCBA level and assembly level electronic assembly technology that includes mold flow simulation analysis, welding process simulation analysis, welding head design, etc.