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Kaifa Ranks 12th on MMI's List of Global Top 50 EMS Providers

Release Time:2022-05-12

Manufacturing Market Insider (MMI), a newsletter specializing in the electronics manufacturing services (EMS) industry, has released its annual MMI Top 50 list of the world's largest EMS providers lately. Kaifa ranks 12th on MMI's list of global Top 50 EMS providers with annual sales of 2770 million dollars. In addition to the rankings of EMS providers by sales in 2021, the list reveals their sales growth, previous ranking, number of employees, number of plants, facility space, number of SMT lines, and customer data.

Facing challenges such as the overall weakening of the global macro economy and the increasing downward pressure on economic development in 2021, Kaifa continued to focus on the development of the three main businesses, storage semiconductor,smart metering products and solutions and advanced manufacturing. On the premise of consolidating the leading position in the advantageous business industry, the company is committed to promoting the transformation and upgrading of its main business, which has improved the quality and efficiency of corporate development. Therefore, Kaifa has achieved steady growth of its sales revenue in 2021.