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Kaifa Ranks 15th in 2022 MMI Top 50

Release Time:2023-04-21

Recently, Manufacturing Market Insider (MMI) released the 2022 MMI Top 50 rankings of the world's largest EMS suppliers. Kaifa ranked 15th on the list.

In 2022, the sales of the Top 50EMS companies totals $457 billion (about 90% of the industry's total revenue), a year-on-year increase of $ 9.6%. Compared with the previous year, it's even harder for companies to be on the list of Top 50, which requires the revenue of at least $440million. Kaifa ranks 15thin the 2022 MMI Top 50, demonstrating a significant improvement in average plant area revenue and average employee income compared to the previous years.

In addition to ranking manufacturers by their sales in 2022, the MMI Top 50™ also includes information like sales growth, previous rankings, number of employees, number of plants, facility spacelow-cost space, number of SMT lines and customer data.