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SEBU3 of Kaifa Chongqing Celebrates the Release of Its 50,000th Smart Pico Projector

Release Time:2023-08-28

On July 27, 2023, Smart Electronics Business Unit 3 (SEBU3) of Kaifa Chongqing held a celebration ceremony for the release of its 50,000th smart pico projector. Executives present at the ceremony that include Kaifa’s Senior Vice President Yu Huarong, Assistant Presidents Yu Youngchee, Zhou Hao, Xiu Lexin, SEBU3 General Manager Wang Jian, and Chongqing branch's General Manager Wu Hongbin.

The smart pico projector business is one of major business lines of SEBU3 and a key business of Kaifa Chongqing. Over the last year, the product line has expanded from a single model to a series produced at scale, and the production capability has extended to control panel mounting from equipment assembly.