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Kaifa Chengdu is Taking Off!

Release Time:2024-05-21

ByApril 2024, more than one million smart meters of Kaifa Chengdu had beeninstalled through Data Communications Company (DCC) in the UK. By 2019, thefull range of smart metering products of Kaifa Chengdu available in the UKmarket had obtained China's CPA certification, fulfilling its commitments tooffering interconnected, secure, and reliable metering in the UK market. Byfar, Kaifa Chengdu has served more than 20 power companies. Note: DCC operatesunder the permission of government agencies - the Office of Gas and ElectricityMarkets (Ofgem) and the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy(BEIS). DCC supervises and manages smart metering infrastructure and deploymentin the UK on behalf of the UK government.

InApril 2024, Kaifa Chengdu won a bid of about RMB 120 million in the smart meterproject of Stoen Operator Sp.zo.o. in Poland, and won a bid of RMB 170 millionin the 15th batch of procurement projects of State Grid Corporation of China in2024.