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Who are we

We focus on the production and manufacturing of portable medical diagnostic products, health wearables,disposable medical consumables, medical product components and other related products.

Since 2009,due to Kaifa's advanced EMS manufacturing capacity and high-end R&D capabilities, provided high-end one-stop-shop manufacturing services including product R&D, manufacturing, logistics and transportation to world-class medical device enterprises.
What we do
Medical devices: Class II medical equipment, including Automatic Force - Aid Midwifery Device, and Continuous Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis.

Portable/wearable medical diagnostic products: blood glucose meter, H1N1/Cov-19 detectors, and Heart rate remote monitoring device

Disposable medical consumables: Blood heaters, and Single used sterile handset of midwifery device.

Medical product components: MRI printed circuit board assembly, respirator printed circuit board assembly
What we have

Product Traceability Management

Optimal traceability system, which can cover the entire process of medical products from raw materials to finished products and after-sales traceability.

A Clean Production Environment for Sterile Production

Offering a 100-100000 class (ISO5-ISO7) cleanroom and supporting microorganism testing laboratory

Customized Services
Our professional R&D team can provide a full range of customized services from product design and development to production and manufacturing. Years of manufacturing experience providing customers with comprehensive DFx services and flexible production planning for high mix low volume businesses
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