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Rich experience in manufacturing automotive electronic product

Kaifa is an ElectronicsManufacturing Services (EMS) provider for the Automotive Industry with a difference. Kaifa has been a strategic partner to the international leaders in the Automotive Industry. We provide end-to-end manufacturing solutions and services to our customers.

Kaifa is a reliable and trusted partner for automotive manufacturing. We have strong manufacturing capabilities and rich experience in manufacturing a wide range of automotive electronics products such as power controller, body electronic control module, the unit of electrical apparatus of charging pile and bodystrong and weak current conversion of new energy vehicles, for customers.

Advanced manufacturing equipment and environment

Some advanced equipment, such as vacuum reflow oven, selective wave soldering, online 3D AOI and 3D X-ray detector, online PCBA washingmachine and online conformal coating sprayer, are introduced on the basis of conventional PCBA manufacturing, to cater to the development trend of the latest technology in automotive electronics manufacturing field.

At the dust-free workshop meeting the requirements of ISO Class8, the dust-free production area at higher level can be provided based on customer needs, to deliver the comprehensive online real-time ESD, and monitorand manage the key production environment parameters.

System Integration Management
With the advanced manufacturing and management system for complete SAP and MES, the visualization of materials and production process, and traceability of all production equipment and materials can be all achieved, to reach the higher quality requested by customers in automatic electronics field.
Comprehensive Supply Chain Management

Kaifa delivers global supplychain solutions to our customers. We provide end-to-end procurement servicesfor the whole industry chain which includes parts selection, development of suppliers, price negotiations and order management.

The global supply chain of Kaifa keeps its procurement at a low cost. In addition, with a global intelligent logistics management platform, Kaifa can manage the whole process from raw material procurement to customer end.

Global Automotive Manufacturing
With 9 manufacturing bases worldwide, Kaifa owns administration centers and R&D teams in more than 10 countries and regions. Currently R&D and manufacturing centers of automotive electronics business are mainly distributed in Dongguan City, China, Penang, Malaysia and San Jose, the United States, etc.
Professional Laboratory and R&D Test Team
With the rich experience and accumulated technology in EMS industry over 30 years, Kaifa can provide the automotive electronic customers with the services, such as product failure analysis (DFMEA), production failure analysis (PFMEA), DFx (DFM,DFT, DFA, etc.), as well as product test and verification, in different phases of a project.
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