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Intelligent Products

Smart devices, as an important standard bearer for "Internet Plus", are promoting the development of AI products. Kaifa is closely following the development opportunities of global smart home appliances, entertainment, education, health monitoring, personal consumption and intelligent products.

In the five major fields of Drone, Robotic vacuum cleaner, Robots, Printers and New energy, Kaifa is providing its clients with technology R&D, supply chain management, production systems, manufacturing, logistics and testing machine solutions and other related services, in order to contribute to the growth and development of its clients.

Solution Provider for your product and process

Experienced R&D engineers in consumer electric industry expertise in Mechanical design, Electronic design and Android base software can handle JDM product design as well as providing DFM input to customer’s design on OEM product.

Based on your product requirement, we are able to customize the whole process for you including jig& fixture, design testing equipment, automate critical process.

Advanced Testers Development Capability

5-in-1 test station for vision module (AR, robotic cleaning application) : 5 components includingTOF/Laser/twin-Camera/InfraRed/IMU, the calibration and testing all integrated in one machine.

Accurate IMU calibration machine: Auto-calibrate “Inertial Measurement Unit” (IMU including accelerometer /gyroscopes/magnetometer) for highly sophisticated AR/VR application

Automated full functional tester for Robotic Vacuum Cleaner:Integrated 20 differenttests in one station to ensure Full-functioning of a robotic cleaner at the final process.

Automation machines Development Capability

Auto-Paper feeder:

Auto-feed, distribute and count papers for various applications

Photo Printer Engine Parallelism Testing:

Tester are developed to measure the parallelism between paper and print head are controlled within<0.1mm during sublimation print process for the best printing quality

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